Has photoshop gone too far


  1. Do you think Photoshop has gone too far
  2. Does this video make you hungry
  3. Is this what they mean by food porn

To be honest i like the photoshop process and i believe it offers more to enhance a photo in the digital age, after all photo manipulation has been around long before photoshop, dodging and burning has been done in the darkroom when developing film by exposing some parts of the photo for longer than others etc so even the purists out there can’t shout.  However the posabilty is there to tweak tiny imperfections which i absolutely sure all women and guys are totally thankful for, but its the massive changes that make a women look more sexually gratifying that get some peoples back up.

Personally i find the whole debate tiresome as if you don’t like the image then don’t look, its that simple, sometimes a photo that was taken and edited in a certain way might have been done for a reason unbeknown to the viewer and therefor taken out of context, and that is more often the case these days with images seemingly taken and used somewhere else on the internet with permission, the old (well its all in the public domain argument).

Anyhow i thought this video was a humorous punt at that argument and had to share it on here, and before anyone says I’ve taken it without permission because it was in the public domain it does say share it hahaha.


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