The Wedding Photographer

A Wedding Photographer is massively involved in the wedding, and its not easy to show a calm exterior.

Keeping calm, at weddings – It’s a hot day,  you have put hours into preparing for this wedding, you have communicated with the couple on a number of occasions, you have done your research on the location,  you’ve charged all your batteries and you have cleaned all your equipment! You arrive at the bride’s location on the morning of the wedding and she is stressed and nowhere near ready.  When this happens I think ‘Ok, you have paid lol’ and I head to church to get the next set of planned photos. The rest of the day you start to wonder if you are jinxed.

During the ceremony everyone is playing with their new digital cameras. The couple are walking back up the aisle at the end of the service and there are photographers in your way everywhere!  Outside the church you are surrounded with well wishers and the same people with their new digital cameras trying to get their shots.  Whilst you are shooting the formals, the same 20 or so people stealing every shot that you set up firing numerous flashes as you try and get your shots down.  Right in the middle of the set up, there is always one who walks right in front of me and just says “Ooh, can I just get this one”

Half way through the formals, the couple start to show their boredom and are eager to head off to the bar to be with their guests. Even the most well mannered of brides have got a touch heated.  The same 20 people with their new digital cameras at every point throughout the day making you just want to curl up and die! I mean, what are you being paid for right!

You would think that speaking to the couple before the day would prevent all this, but this situation of cameras everywhere is here to stay. Unless they agree to have one of those new cameraless weddings.  It is a shame but I remain professional at all times and just get on with my job. Some photographers say you need to take control, and to a certain extent I agree, but when you have guests with a few drinks in them and in, it’s not easy!

If you are just starting out these events it may happen to you and sometimes you feel like  taking the bait, but just keep calm and crack on with your job, when you’ve retired you will be able to look back and laugh.  My advice to anyone starting out in wedding photography would be to seriously think about it, if you haven’t got the stamina or inner strength then you may need to potentially find something else that suits your photography style.


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